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According the the ACT, you can apply for a Liquor License if you are not disqualified for any of the following:

In general terms disqualified persons are:

  • A minor
  • Persons committed in terms of the Mental Health Act
  • An un-rehabilitated insolvent
  • Persons who have served a prison sentence without the option of a fine in the preceding ten years (The Liquor Authority may make exception in certain cases.)
  • Persons convicted of a contravention of the Liquor Act, 1989 within three years immediately before the commencement of this Act
  • Persons convicted in terms of this Act, provided that the person will be disqualified from obtaining a license or permit in the case of:
    • a first offence, for a period of one year
    • a second offence, for a period of two years
    • a third offence, for a period of three years, calculated from the date of the sentence

Persons who have had his or her license or permit cancelled in terms of this Act within a period of three years immediately before the lodgement of an application.


Apply for Liquor License Gauteng

To Request a FREE On-Site Appointment, You have to send us the Full Address and Zoning Certificate of the Proposed Premises for the Bottle Store / Liquor Store to consult@liquortradesa.co.za

A Copy of the Zoning Certificate can be requested from the Landlord or from the Municipality.

You need to Schedule an On-Site Appointment, so we can:

  1. Discuss the type of liquor license you can apply for and procedure we follow,
  2. Discuss quote, your requirements, and Liquor Trade SA (Pty) Ltd Liquor License Application Consulting Agreement, (Formal Quote will be send via email after on-site meeting).
  3. Check the Proximity of the proposed outlet, in respect to other similar licensed outlets,
  4. Measure the store / premises for floor-plan and 3D layout rendering, (If Needed)
  5. Take pictures of the current state of the store, (If Needed)
  6. Apply for a Local Authority Approval Letter. (If Needed)

Bottle Store Liquor License

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PLEASE NOTE: You CAN NOT APPLY for a Liquor License on Residential Stands (at your house), a room, outside building or garage or any building NOT ZONED by the Local Municipality for the USE OF BUSINESS or SELLING LIQUOR.
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