Terms of Service

Liquor Trade SA (Pty) Ltd is Liquor License Application Consultants with more than 8 Years of Experience of Successfully Compiling and Submission of Liquor License Applications.

Terms of Service
Terms of Service

Liquor Trade SA (Pty) Ltd is in no way affiliated to any Liquor Board in South Africa. Liquor Trade SA (Pty) Ltd can Assist you to Compile your Liquor License Application on your behalf, and ensure you follow procedure. After Submission of Liquor License Application, you will receive a Proof of Submission, Dated and Stamped by the Liquor Board. After Successfully Submission of Liquor License Application, you will get a Reference Number as Proof of Application (File Number). We do not have any Access to the Liquor Board Systems or Inspectors. The Liquor Board will contact you to validate information etc. You will be able to contact the liquor board directly after successful submission of you liquor license application. By Appointing the Services of Liquor Trade SA (Pty) Ltd, you Confirm that you Agree to Liquor Trade SA (Pty) Ltd Terms of Service.

Liquor Licenses is Issued by the Liquor Board in your Province, and not by Liquor Trade SA (Pty) Ltd

Types of Liquor Licenses:

  • Club
  • Dance Hall
  • Gaming Premises
  • Grocer’s Wine
  • Hotel
  • Liquor Store / Bottle Store
  • Night Club
  • Pub
  • Pool Club
  • Restaurant
  • Sports Ground
  • Theatre
  • Tavern

BEFORE you can apply for a Liquor License you must have your own, lease or rent a Business Premises, Shop, Store, Building, Premises or Outlet where you can sell the Liquor from.

PLEASE NOTE: You CAN NOT APPLY for a Liquor License on Residential Stands (at your house), a room, outside building or garage or any building NOT ZONED by the Local Municipality for the USE OF BUSINESS or SELLING LIQUOR. (NOT AT YOUR HOUSE)